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Love My Community

“Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

You might have seen that saying pop-up in some form or another. The truth, however, is that following your passions, making ideas come to life, and staying persistent takes a lot of hard work. Sometimes you might hit a few bumps in the road, but remembering why you started and seeing all the great things it has caused, makes it a labor of love.

Love My Dog Resort is no exception to this. We wouldn’t throw birthday parties for your pooch or include are wide range of amenities if we weren’t passionate about pet care, opening a dog daycare can be difficult! However, this isn’t the only thing that drives us.

One of our biggest motivators for what we do, is to create a positive impact and give back to our community.

So what are some of our best motivators?

The Down Syndrome Buddy Connection

Every year, we set up about 4 or 5 fun events for children with down syndrome and their families. From bowling parties, back to school dances, Halloween parties, to a visit from Santa. We just want to make sure good things happen for these kids. Plus, it’s at no cost for the families. Originally, we started working with just three families and that number has grown to over 50.

Sometimes, the best charity spread smiles and fun. This is a cause that comes from the bottom of our hearts, and we’re so glad that we’ve been able to help create great memories for many families.

Diamond Dogs

If there’s a trend that we can get behind, it’s rescuing. Nowadays, you see rescued dogs all over the place. Perhaps your best friend is a rescue. The more dogs that we can save from the shelter, the better.

Still, with all the adoption that goes on, there is one group that is greatly ignored: older dogs. It’s understandable though. Who can truly resist the wagging tail of a puppy waiting for a new family? Still, there are plenty of great benefits towards giving a home to a seasoned canine.

With the Diamond Dog Club, we’ve been supporting dogs that are at least seven years old in animal shelters. Not only do we fund their advanced medical screenings, but we also offer plenty of benefits such as a free month of daycare, three waterpark visits, and a grooming session when you adopt a pet from our Diamond Dogs Club.

How You Can Help

It’s because of you and your support for Love My Dog, that we’re able to make these things happen. If you want to get involved directly, the SPCA, Humane Society, and Friends of Strays, are always offering volunteer opportunities.

When you’re away, don’t leave your best friend alone. Click here for inquiries on our services from dog daycare, overnight boarding, parties, grooming and beyond. For a faster response rate, please contact us during business hours with the numbers provided for our Downtown St. Pete location and North Pinellas location provided at the bottom of this page.