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Downtown St. Petersburg : 727-826-0102
North Pinellas : 727-545-0141


Downtown Price List


Medium Suite$43.00 per night All rooms have cozy couches
Large Suite $50.00 per night
*Each additional dog $20 per night in the same room
*Cameras $15 per stay
*Additional$5 per feeding for using our food
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday 8am-5pm
Drop off Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-11am
Saturday 8am-11am
Sunday (Pick up, Pre-Paid Only)


Full Day Rate$25.00 per day
(Additional dog is $20.00)
Half Day Rate
(4 hours)
Saturday Rate$20.00
10-Day Package $225.00
Multi-Dog (2)
10-Day Package
Month Unlimited$430.00
Multi-Dog (2)
Month Unlimited
While Boarding-Daycare$10.00 per day
While Boarding-1 on 1 Time$10.00 per day (30 min)
While Boarding-Tuck-in Service$10.00 per day
Daycare Hours: Monday- Friday 7am -7pm
Saturday 8am-5pm


Freshen up bath: Dogs under 15 lbs. $10.00
Freshen up bath:Dogs over 15 lbs. $15.00
Nail Trim $10.00
Ear Cleaning $10.00
Furminator $20
Ask office for boarding bath charges- prices determined by size and breed of dog.

North Pinellas Price List


Full Day Rate$20.00
Second Dog Rate$18.00
Half Day Rate
(4 hours)
10-Day Package$170.00
Multi-Dog (2)
10-Day Package
15-Day Package$240.00
Multi-Dog (2)
15-Day Package
Unlimited Monthly Rate$430.00
Multi-Dog (2)
Month Unlimited
Saturday Full Day Rate $15.00
Saturday Half Day Rate$12.00
While Boarding-Full Day$10.00 per day
While Boarding-Half Day$7.00 per day
While Boarding-1 on 1 Time$10.00 per day
Day Care Hours: Monday- Friday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Water Park

Walk-ins (individual)$10.00 per dog – 30-minute session or $17.00 per dog – 60-minute session ($7.00 for each additional family dog)
Walk-ins (group or private party)$14.00 per dog – 60-minute session (5 dog minimum)
While boarding or in daycare$5.00 per dog – 30-minute session
Water Park Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 11am – 2pm


Small Run3’x5’ $22.00
Medium Run4’x7’ $24.00
Large Run 5’x6’ $26.00 Rooms are in a basic kennel setting
Extra Large/Split7’x10’ $30.00
Private Suite8’x13’ $34.00
In Home Suites$40.00 Home like setting with couches or cots & TV
Bed –n- Biscuit $32.00 - $40.00 Contemporary setting, private & quiet
Wilderness Cabin$45.00 Cozy quiet retreat with an outdoor view, couches and TV
Private Luxury Suite $50.00 Tranquil setting with luxury bedding & TV
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-6pm
(Drop off M-F 7am-11am, Sat 8am-11am)

*All pricing is per night
*Multiple dog(s) is an additional $20.00 per dog per night
*Exercise and potty breaks-Prices include 3 breaks for 15-30 min each time (You may add extra services)
*Additional $5 for using our food per feeding


Nail Trim$10.00
Ear Cleaning $10.00
Furminator $10-$20 determined by breed and size
Ask office for bath charges - prices determined by size and breed of dog.

Price Sheet Comparison

OptionsLove My Dog DowntownLove My Dog Resort and Playground
Full Day$25.00$20.00
Half Day$18.00$12.00
Second Dog$20.00$18.00
10 Day Package$225.00 ($22.50 per day.)$170.00 ($17.00 per day.)
10 Day Multi-Dog Package$360.00 ($18.00 per dog, per day.)$300.00 ($15.00 per dog, per day.)
Month Unlimited Package$430.00 ($18.00 per day.)$360.00 ($15.00 per day.)
Multi-Dog Month Unlimited Package$760 ($16.00 per dog, per day.)$650.00 ($13.50 per dog, per day.)
All prices at the downtown location are currently in effect and changes at the original location will go into effect starting January 1st 2017.
Packages for both locations will only be used for FULL DAYS of daycare. Clients will no longer be allowed to purchase a package and use it for half days of daycare.
Packages purchased at the original location will only be honored at that location. Packages purchased at the downtown location will only be honored at that location.