Doggie Day Care : South Tampa

We have over 16 inside play areas and 17 outside shaded play areas. The pups are in playgroups according to size, age, temperament and energy levels. Our shaded daycare areas have artificial turf with plenty of fans and pools for them to enjoy the great outdoors. Our indoor play areas allow them to take a break from the heat and rest during the day. Relax and enjoy your day while your dog is making friends and having a great time at Love My Dog Resort Tampa.

Every day is a PLAYDAY!

The Love My Dog staff spends quality time with your dog, they come home happy, tired and ready to cuddle.

Daycare is open
Monday- Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday 8am to 5pm

We offer full days and half days of play! Check out our Facebook page to see pictures of your dog and their friends playing!

(see a live photo feed to the right!)

Live Feed of Current Guests

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Individual Daycare Day Rates:
Full Day of Daycare: $27.00
Half Day of Daycare: $16.00 (a half day consists of 6 hours or less)

Daycare Package Rates:
30-Day Package: $590.00 ($19.00 a day)
20-Day Package: $400.00 ($20 per day)
10-Day Package: $220.00 ($22 per day)
5-Day Package: $120.00 ($24 per day)

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