Tampa Location Closing January 6

January 3, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Our FINAL update on the Love My Dog Tampa closing on Saturday, January 6th at 8pm unfortunately remains firm. However, the facility will be open as a Dog Daycare/ Boarding facility as of Monday at 6am on January the 8th under another management team. We obviously will continue to be fully staffed until our last few boarders leave our care on Sunday, January the 7th.
If you have purchased a package from us recently we will either reimburse you for days not used or you can use the package with the management team coming in on Monday in Tampa. Additionally, all Tampa packages will be honored at our other two Pinellas locations. If you are unable to come in for a reimbursement then please email pam@lovemydogresort.com and copy me at  natalie@lovemydogresort.com and we can mail you a check.
I have built a very nice safe facility for the dogs of Tampa and I am proud of that. I am sorry that it did not work out for all of us and I personally thank you all for your support during this transitional period. You all have my contact information if you have dog related ideas or need guidance etc about your dog.
I will miss the dogs of Tampa and so will our managers Bri and Madonna. Bri will be heading to a certified dog training school and will become over the next few months the Love My Dog Trainer for all dogs (even Tampa).  So contact us if you need her in the future at Bri@lovemydogresort.com.     Madonna will be transferring to our Downtown  St. Pete location to help me expand and build that facility for continued growth.
Please give your dogs a big kiss from all of us  and thank you Tampa for the opportunity. If you ever cross the BRIDGE we are here.
Natalie Conner

January 1, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to financial constraints, I am heartbroken to announce the closing of the Love My Dog Tampa location effective January 6th, 2018. I have put my heart, my soul, and money into doing everything I know to do in this industry to rebuild and ensure Tampa that they had a safe, clean, well managed and caring facility for the most unconditional loves of our lives, our dogs. I truly appreciate all of our customers that believed in us and supported us in hope that we could overcome such tragedies that occurred before Love My Dog took over the facility.

I have done my best and the team in Tampa has done their best to make this such a beautiful, fun, safe place for the dogs. If you had any packages that were bought and have days left please see the front office, Bri, or Madonna and we will reimburse your money.  I will have a checkbook on sight to handle all of those issues. We will be staffed through the 7th for the few overnight dogs that are already on property but to everyone else our doors will shut at 8pm on January the 6th for all services.

I have no idea what will happen to this facility. I have not been told anything. All I can say to Tampa is PLEASE if you ever leave your dog for a day or for an overnight… INSIST you see the facility at your choice of time and DO NOT take NO for an answer.

I apologize for the short notice, but I really apologize to the beautiful, loving dogs of Tampa. Our Pinellas locations remain open as always.

Natalie Conner