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Love My Dog Resort and Playground

Services include boarding, daycare, grooming, and an exclusive doggie water park!
Stop by anytime to take a tour at any of our three beautiful locations.

Diamond Dogs

Love My Dog Resort founded the Diamond Dog Club August 1st 2015 to assist shelters in finding homes for dogs over 7 years of age. Dogs that are so deserving, but are often overlooked. A senior dog just means years of experience at friendship. Diamonds are forever. Since it’s creation, we have saved over 200 dogs!



  • If you’ve kept a vigilant eye on the news, then you might have heard about the new strain of canine influenza. Since 2015, the H3N2 virus has slowly been creeping its way across the United States. This past summer marked the first recorded cases of......

  • By Steve Contorno, Published: November 15, 2017 TAMPA — Dog trainers in Hillsborough County must obtain a license and agree to training plans with pet owners before beginning instruction, county commissioners decided on Wednesday. The new ordinance, called Truth in Training, is the first of......

  • Before you know it, it’s already Thanksgiving. You’ve caught up with family, the dishes have gone around the table, and perhaps you’re dealing with that uncle who always has “one too many.” Then, in the middle of dinner, you feel a slight nudge or a......

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